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What about humanitarian/social fields?

What about humanitarian/social fields?

A: At ScoutinScience, our commitment extends beyond the realms of technology and science to encompass the critical areas of humanitarian and social fields. Recognizing the profound impact these domains have on society, we have developed a tailored approach to assess and highlight their value:

  1. Domain Identification: Our sophisticated AI algorithms are adept at identifying and categorizing publications within a broad spectrum of domains, including humanitarian and social sciences. This capability ensures that impactful research in these areas is acknowledged and brought to the forefront of our analysis.

  2. Business Potential Score (BPS) Calibration: Traditionally, our scoring algorithm has been finely tuned to assess the commercial viability of technology-related research, which might result in lower scores for publications in the humanitarian and social sectors. This is largely due to the distinct nature of success and impact in these fields, which often transcends direct commercial applicability.

  3. Societal Readiness Level (SRL): In recognition of the unique value that humanitarian and social research brings to society, ScoutinScience is pioneering the development of a Societal Readiness Level (SRL) assessment. The SRL is designed to evaluate and communicate the readiness of research to address societal challenges, make meaningful contributions to community welfare, and drive social innovation.

  4. Active Development for Enhanced Insights: We are committed to refining our algorithms and developing new metrics to better capture and articulate the potential of publications in the humanitarian and social domains. Our goal is to provide insights that reflect the multifaceted impact of this research, from policy influence to societal transformation.

  5. Future Directions: ScoutinScience is actively exploring ways to enrich our analysis of humanitarian and social fields. This includes expanding our data sources, enhancing our AI models, and incorporating expert insights to elevate the visibility and appreciation of research that strives to make a difference in the world.

In summary, while our current framework is more attuned to technology-related research, ScoutinScience is fully engaged in adapting our methodologies to bring deserved attention and support to the humanitarian and social sciences. We believe in the power of research to drive positive societal change and are dedicated to showcasing the contributions of these vital fields through our platform.

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