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How do I filter on a specific domain?

How do I filter on a specific domain?

Filtering by research domain(s) allows you to streamline your search, making it easier to find papers that are most relevant to your interests or field. Here's how to utilize the research domain filters effectively:

Access the Filter Options: Start on the overview page. Look for the filter dropdown button, which opens up the pathway to a variety of filtering options.

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Select Your Domain: Within the multitude of filters available, the first option you'll encounter is the "domain search." Click on the dropdown button beside it to view all available domains.

A screenshot of the ScoutinScience platform.

Refine Your Search: If you have a specific domain in mind, you're also equipped to type it directly into the search bar within the domain filter. This functionality is designed to make your search process as efficient as possible, directly leading you to the domains that match your interests.

A screenshot of the ScoutinScience platform.

Apply and Browse: After selecting one or more domains, you'll notice the applied filters become visible, confirming your selection. With these filters active, you're now set to explore the tailored list of papers. You can either scroll down to delve into your customized results or close the filter tab to expand your view.

A screenshot of the ScoutinScience platform.

Removing a Filter: If you wish to adjust your search criteria or explore beyond the current domain(s), simply click on the "x" next to the filter. This action removes the filter, allowing you to redefine your search parameters.

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