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What is the manual upload function?

What is the manual upload function?

The Manual Upload function is a feature that allows you to upload research documents to the ScoutinScience platform privately. This tool is essential for assessing how likely your research is to succeed in the commercial world and for making strategic decisions about securing IP rights early on.

Why is it useful?

  • Early Evaluation of Commercial Potential: Before your research is published or enters the public domain, you can get a sense of its market viability. This early insight can guide your decisions on further development or adjustments.

  • Securing IP Rights: By evaluating the research's commercial potential early, you can take steps to secure IP rights proactively, protecting your innovations before they are publicly disclosed.

How Does It Work?

  1. Upload Your Research: You can upload the documents directly to ScoutinScience. This could be done by various users within your organization, such as university technology transfer offices (TTOs), students, postdocs, and researchers. The goal is to upload this research before making it public, directly from your dashboard.

  2. Choose Visibility: Decide who can see this evaluation within your organization. You might want it to be visible to everyone in your organization to foster collaboration and strategic discussions, or you might prefer to keep the analysis private, visible only to your account, to maintain confidentiality.

  3. Rapid Analysis: Once uploaded, our system quickly gets to work, analyzing your documents in just a few minutes using our sophisticated scoring system.

  4. Receive a Detailed Report: After the analysis, you'll receive an extensive report. This report provides:

  • A ranking of your uploaded publications based on their business potential.

  • Statistics highlighting the overall commercial value and the specific fields of activity your research impacts.

  • Insights into the commercial viability of your research, offering a clearer picture of where your innovations stand in the competitive landscape.

Practical Examples:

  • University TTOs: Technology transfer offices can upload research to assess its commercial potential, helping to strategize on patent filings and partnerships with industry.

  • Researchers and Students: Before submitting papers or findings to journals or conferences, individual researchers can use this function to understand the commercial implications of their work.

The Takeaway

The Manual Upload function is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone in the research ecosystem looking to gauge the commercial potential of their work confidentially and securely. It not only provides early insights into the market viability of research but also supports strategic IP management, all before the research is publicly disclosed. This proactive approach empowers you to make informed decisions, protect your innovations, and maximize the impact of your research.

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