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What about security and privacy?

What about security and privacy?

ScoutinScience takes the security and privacy of your research seriously. When you use the Manual Upload function to assess the commercial potential of your research, we ensure that:

  1. Strict Privacy Controls: Your manually uploaded documents are kept confidential. They are not shared with third-party organizations or external users. This means that the sensitive information contained within your research remains protected and under your control.

  2. Organizational Upload Feature: If you choose to use the organizational upload feature, this is the only exception to the rule mentioned above. With this feature, you can share your uploaded papers with other members of your organization. This functionality is designed to foster collaboration and strategic decision-making within your team or institution. However, the visibility of these documents is strictly limited to members within your organization, ensuring that your research remains secure from external parties.

  3. Control Over Your Data: You have the power to decide who within your organization gets to see the uploaded research. Whether you’re looking for feedback from specific departments or want to keep the evaluation results private to your account, ScoutinScience provides the flexibility to adjust these settings according to your needs.

Why Is This Important?

  • Protecting Intellectual Property: By ensuring that your research remains confidential until you decide otherwise, ScoutinScience helps safeguard your intellectual property. This is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and securing IP rights appropriately.

  • Ensuring Confidential Evaluation: The privacy and security measures allow for a risk-free evaluation of your research's commercial potential. Knowing that your documents won’t be shared externally enables you to confidently use the Manual Upload function to gain insights into your work’s market viability.

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