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ScoutinScience to Share Insights at Expert Workshop on Knowledge Valorisation

In a rapidly changing world, the power of knowledge cannot be underestimated. Intellectual assets, including research results and innovative ideas, have the potential to drive breakthroughs and address the most pressing societal challenges. On September 28, 2023, Gilles Meijer, the Founder and CEO of ScoutinScience, will be participating in an expert workshop in Brussels, Belgium. The event, hosted by DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission, aims to explore the importance of knowledge valorisation by facilitating access, sharing, and the use of intellectual assets. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the event and the role Gilles Meijer will play in advancing these critical discussions.

The Significance of Knowledge Valorisation: Breakthrough innovations thrive on collaboration among researchers, inventors, and forward-thinking companies. To facilitate such collaboration, open access, open innovation platforms, royalty-free licensing models, and industry-academia co-creation have become indispensable components of the innovation ecosystem

Europe's Role in Knowledge Valorisation: Europe boasts a robust research community with brilliant minds dedicated to fostering innovation. The workshop encourages the use of research results to create positive impacts on society and the economy, emphasizing the need to valorise knowledge. One of the key initiatives highlighted is the Knowledge Valorisation Platform, which connects stakeholders across Europe, enabling them to collaborate, stay updated on the latest developments, and share best practices. Subscribing to the EU Knowledge Valorisation Newsletter ensures that stakeholders receive crucial information on policy developments, new initiatives, and opportunities to promote research results for a sustainable future.

Event Highlights and Agenda: The event's agenda encompasses various sessions, including*:

  • "Addressing Global Challenges Through Intellectual Assets Management: New and Evolving Models"
  • "Increasing Societal Benefits of Results: Different Perspectives"
  • "When Traditional Meets Novel: Patent Pools, Open Access, and AI to Facilitate Intellectual Assets Access, Use, and Sharing"

The expert workshop features an impressive lineup of speakers and moderators who are at the forefront of knowledge valorisation. Notable participants include:

• Peter Dröll: Director for Prosperity, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission • Merete Clausen: Director for Investment, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, and SMEs, European Commission • Sebastiaan Berendse: Corporate Director Value Creation, Wageningen University & Research • Joana Maria: Executive Director, VORTEX-CoLab • Andrew Smith: Head of External Relations, ELIXIR Europe • Marie Louise Conradsen: Director, Aarhus University Center for Open Innovation in Science • Jan Cobbenhagen: CEO, Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus b.v., and Professor in Knowledge Transfer and University Venturing, Maastricht University • Esa Panula-Ontto, Director of funding, Large companies and Public research, Innovation Funding Agency Business Finland • Mélanie Lagière, Technology Transfer Project Manager, French Research Ministry • Silvia Gómez Recio, Secretary General, Young European Research Universities (YERUN) • & more

Gilles Meijer's Contribution: Among the distinguished speakers, Gilles Meijer, the CEO of ScoutinScience, will share his insights and expertise. ScoutinScience is on a mission to accelerate technology transfer by proactively scouting scientific publications, ranking each paper's business potential using AI, and collaborating with universities across Europe. Gilles Meijer's contribution to the workshop will focus on how traditional and novel approaches, including patent pools, open access, and AI, can facilitate intellectual asset access, use, and sharing.

Key Conclusions and Networking Opportunities: The workshop will conclude with key insights and conclusions that can shape the future of knowledge valorisation. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and engage in discussions on how to further promote the uptake of research results.

As the world continues to evolve, the role of knowledge valorisation in driving innovation and addressing global challenges cannot be overstated. The expert workshop on September 28, 2023, promises to be a pivotal event in advancing our understanding of how intellectual assets can shape a more sustainable and innovative future.

Stay tuned for updates from the event as Gilles Meijer and other thought leaders delve into the world of knowledge valorisation.

Source: European Commission

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