We unlock and unleash the high potential of research-driven institues. Based on an inhouse developed big data modeling software algorithm, we scout the science being performed in specific sectors & institutions and gain highly valued insights and information in the cutting edge technologies of tomorrow.

The first tool and methodology to find research potential within knowledge institutions. The input gives business developers, corporates and investors insight in interesting research and researchers. The results are visualized in a live dashboard. ScoutinScience increases the institutions’ valorization output, and is an efficient and effective tool for companies to scout new technologies.

If you want the best available pioneering data in science research & technologies you're in the right place!

  • Reliable Tool

  • Benchmarking

  • Self-learning system

  • Online, dashboard

  • Non -intrusive

  • Big data analysis

We asses the technologies of tomorrow

SoutinScience is an independent company that combines expertise, raw and filtered big-data, market insight and a personal due dillengence under one roof. We use a market-driven approach to asses the value, technological superiority, current & future market growth in ongoing science research, high technology start-up and scale-up companies. Our partnerships with universities, applied research institutes and a large eco system provide us with unparalleled access to information, knowledge and technologies, in te slider below you are able to find just a few of our many collaborative partners and clients.

Our Team

We have a dedicated and experienced team that have sprung wroots in science, technology, valorization, global market insights, entrepeneurship & data driven technologies.

We believe that Big data & deep tech is the key in bringing science to market.

Gilles Meijer

Menno Noorlander

Jasper van Weerd