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University of Twente - Renewed Partnership

With +5500 scraped documents, we are delighted to share that ScoutinScience has renewed its partnership with the knowledge transfer department of Novel-T.

Our collaboration started in 2021 with a successful pilot, where we provided automatic analysis of publications and generated an overview of the business potential of ±1,000 studies. This analysis helped the KTO team use the top 25 papers as a conversation starter with the researchers in question. Those conversations resulted in four serious leads, one of which culminated in a patent application.

Since then, we have continuously worked towards increasing technology transfer output: 📌Total number of scraped documents: 5545 📌Total number of unique evaluations: 2934 📌The average number of evaluations per month: 183.375 📌Total number of evaluations above a BPS of 50: 790 📌Total number of evaluations above a BPS of 75: 262 *BPS = Business Potential Score

Thank you for your support as we work towards accelerating scientific discoveries and innovation!

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