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How do we use AI?

How do we use AI?

A: At ScoutinScience, our innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pivotal in transforming the landscape of scientific research analysis. Our AI-driven approach meticulously evaluates each research paper's potential to influence market trends, innovation, and commercial success. Here's how our AI works its magic:

AI-Powered Analysis: Our AI system begins by analyzing a research paper's accessible elements, such as the title, abstract, introduction, and conclusion. It also examines the number of authors and citations to understand the paper's impact and reach within the scientific community.

  1. Advanced Feature Assessment: The real prowess of our AI comes into play with its ability to analyze more sophisticated elements. These include:

  2. Domain Classification: Leveraging the Semantic Scholar Open Research Corpus, our AI determines the paper's domain (e.g., Medicine, Computer Science, Physics) through a Multinomial Naive Bayes model, enriching our understanding of the paper's field and relevance.

  • Business Potential and Patent-Likeness: Our AI evaluates sentences within the paper for their direct business applicability and similarity to patent language. This intricate process involves separate AI models, including a fine-tuned version of SciBERT, to classify sentences' "interestingness" from a business perspective and another model to distinguish publication language from patent language.

  • Predicting the Business Potential Score (BPS): The culmination of this analysis is the assignment of a BPS to each paper. This score is calculated using a gradient-boosted tree model that integrates both simple and advanced features. The BPS serves as a ranked indicator of the paper's commercial viability and innovation potential.

  1. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Our AI isn't static; it's a dynamic system that grows smarter with each paper analyzed. Through ongoing expert annotations and the integration of new data, our models continually refine their predictive accuracy. This iterative process ensures that our BPS remains a cutting-edge tool for identifying high-impact research.

  2. Dashboard Display and Ranking: The output of our AI's comprehensive analysis is displayed on our dashboard, where publications are ranked according to their BPS. This ranking offers clients and stakeholders an immediate insight into the most promising research avenues for investment, development, and innovation.

  3. Through the strategic application of AI, ScoutinScience bridges the gap between academic research and commercial success. Our models, trained on a rich dataset of publications and patents, embody the synergy between machine learning, natural language processing, and domain expertise. This powerful combination enables us to unearth the latent business potential in scientific discoveries, guiding stakeholders toward informed decisions and strategic investments.

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