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We have decided that it is time to give something back to the community. For the past 2 years, we have continuously worked on improving our vast AI/ML infrastructure according to industry best practices. A significant part of this was designing and developing a framework called GreatAI.

Even though applying AI is becoming increasingly more accessible, many case studies have shown that these applications are often deployed poorly. This may lead to suboptimal performance and to introducing unintended biases.

GreatAI helps solve this by allowing you to easily transform your prototype AI code into production-ready software. The best part? It is now a free and open source!


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GreatAI prioritises developer experience while still providing a powerful feature set. It works out of the box with only a couple of lines of code. Without requiring an unreasonable amount of effort, it still offers many configuration options and great extensibility.

Are you curious about how you could elevate your AI/ML deployments to the next level? Check out GreatAI here!


General: use any Python library without restriction Robust: have error-handling and well-tested utilities out-of-the-box End-to-end: utilise end-to-end feedback as a built-in, first-class concept Automated: focus only on what actually requires your attention Trustworthy: deploy models that you and society can confidently trust


With an implemented GPLv3 license, the documentation can be found here.

Thanks to our CTO, András Schmelczer, we are now able to share this free resource, help others and give back to the community!

“The most unintuitive difficulty of AI development lifecycles is deployment. Even though numerous libraries aim to help with this step, they lack widespread adoption, likely because of their steep learning curves. In an age where AI pervades our lives, avoiding poor deployments should be our common concern, and GreatAI might just be able to help us with that.” -András Schmelczer


Do you wish to see this in practice? GreatAI has been battle-tested on the core platform services of ScoutinScience. Check it out yourself for free!

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