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Creating a new website can be an intimidating process, especially when you don’t know what needs to be prioritised. ScoutinScience has worked hard to create a new website and the key was finding out the most important aspects that were missing. According to a survey conducted by GoodFirms among 200+ web design agencies, there are five major reasons why visitors might leave your website.

Reasons for a new website.png Source: GoodFirms

5.Poor content structure

One of the biggest problems with content on the internet is that it is often poorly structured. This can make it difficult for readers to find the information they are looking for and make the information more difficult to understand.

A well-structured piece of content is easy to read and easy to understand. It is also more likely to be shared and linked to by other websites. This can help to increase the reach and visibility of your content, and it can also help to build your reputation as a source of high-quality information.

The goal for the new website was to have the content focused on informing, educating and inspiring our target audience. The content helps in explaining the technology behind our AI , its use for universities and corporations and how our dashboard can save time, and enrich collaboration within the team. Before-2.png

4.Outdated design

Design is not just about aesthetics. It is a process. Designers focus on the end-user experience, which includes the content, how it is organized, and how it communicates its message. Design is about creating something that people will want to use and share with their friends.

We asked Kim Uitslag, freelance designer, about the process of designing the new website and her favourite outcomes:

"We started the process with three mock-up designs and ended up combining two of them. We paid extra attention to the 3 main colours of the website. The turquoise was kept from the old design. However, we put a lot of thought into choosing the colours that will represent the universities and corporations’ sections. I really liked working with the developers of ScoutingScience, they managed to translate what I wanted smoothly and took good care of the technical aspects. The illustrations are my favourite part for sure, especially on the universities and corporates pages"

Before and after Website.png

3.Bad navigation

Bad website navigation is a big problem for many websites. It can make the site seem unprofessional and difficult to navigate. This can lead to a lot of lost customers and frustrated visitors.

Our biggest mistake when it comes to navigation was that the website was built as one pager with multiple sections. While that worked for a while, the company grew, and we knew it is time to offer the users a better experience. Another mistake was having no option of going directly from one section to the other. It was possible only by scrolling back to the top menu which created inconvenience. The new version of the website allows the user to have quick and easy access to other sections such as Our AI, Contact Page and Try free Demo.


2.Non-responsive website

Non-responsive websites have become a big problem for many businesses. To make sure that your website is fully responsive, you should use the latest technology. This will ensure that your website will work on all devices and screen sizes, making it easy for people to view it from any location.

Our new website was built to be responsive to all devices. To make sure that the user experience is a good one, the technical team worked closely with the designer and marketing team to allow the website's content to display smoothly across all screen sizes and resolutions and is designed to look excellent on all devices.

1.Slow loading

The first step to preventing a slow-loading website is to optimize the website for speed. This can be done by optimizing the images, scripts, and other elements that are used on the site. It is also important to make sure that there are no unnecessary plugins or scripts on the site.

At ScoutinScience we opted for developing the new website in-house which brought the benefit of having full control of the choices made. Our experienced developers made sure that the software and systems that run on the web server are a part of the latest technology and allow the new website to run smoothly.

What is next?

For the past few months, the team of ScoutinScience has managed to learn from past mistakes and improve the website’s navigation, speed, design, and content.We firmly believe that the learning process never stops, and our website will be in a continuous improvement stage. .

What’s more, is that we want to take our fresh experience and apply the new skills to our dashboard. Make sure you check the current version and stay tuned to see the result by following us on LinkedIn.

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