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How do I share a paper within my organization?

How do I share a paper within my organization?

Sharing knowledge and insights is fundamental to fostering a collaborative and informed work environment. Whether you come across a groundbreaking paper that a colleague with a specific background should see, discover research that could inspire a business developer, or find a study that resonates with the interests of a research group within your organization, sharing these resources can spark innovation, strategic thinking, and a collective approach to learning. Here's how you can easily share a specific paper within your organization:

  1. Find the Paper: Begin by navigating to the paper you wish to save. By clicking on the title you will be able to open the content of the paper.

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  1. Copy the Link: On the right side of the page, just below the Business Potential Score%, you'll find both a link and a button designed for sharing purposes. Click on this button to automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

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  1. Notification of Success: After clicking the button to copy the link, keep an eye out for a notification. This pop-up will inform you that the link has been successfully copied. With the link now on your clipboard, you're all set to share the paper within your organization using your preferred communication channel.

A screenshot of the ScoutinScience platform.

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