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We scout research with high tech-transfer potential and offer the tech-transfer offices of universities and research institutes a tool to further maximize the impact of research.

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AI-based tech transfer for universities

Generating societal impact with research is becoming more and more important. The vast amount of scientific output makes identifying tech-transfer opportunities very challenging. Our AI-platform automatically scouts and qualifies scientific publications, using state-of-the-art natural language processing models, for their tech-transfer potential. The ranked results are provided in an online dashboard and enable tech-transfer offices of universities and research institutions to maximize the impact of research, increase deal flow in the tech-transfer funnel and identify partnership opportunities.

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ScoutinScience offers an AI-driven tech transfer platform that provides you with a ranked overview of scientific publications qualified on their tech-transfer potential – the Business Potential Score (BPS). Our online dashboard provides the ranked results and can be easily implemented in existing workflows resulting in increased impact.

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