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We scout new technologies and start-ups and help corporates keep a leading position in their industry. Our AI scouts and qualifies relevant technology opportunities in research and identifies start-ups.

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AI-based tech transfer for corporates

We help corporates to gain and keep a competitive advantage by scouting for the latest innovations in science. Manual scouting becomes a thing of the past, as our AI automatically scouts and qualifies using state-of-the-art natural language processing models for specific topics or technologies and provides a ranked overview of relevant technology opportunities in research and identifies start-ups. The information is accessible through an online dashboard.

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In today's rapidly changing world, many companies are struggling to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation, research and technology development is moving at a fast pace. ScoutinScience uses this Big Data and converts it into corporate value. Our AI platform and qualifies research and start-ups in your field of interest to help you gain a competitive edge, map technology hypes, create deal flow, identify partners and M&A candidates.

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